Zodiac Signs  that enjoy Cuddling Couples

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Many want to defend their loved ones by holding them. Some may feel shy or uneasy and not want to participate. It's crucial that cuddling zodiac signs honor each other's personal space. 

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Aries are cuddlers because they can balance being affectionate with giving their partners room. Aries are kind, empathetic, and friendly. They always defend and love their partners. 

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Taurus are sweet, romantic lovers who like to touch. Instead, they show this part to their lovers. Taureans love bonding, kissing, and pecking. 

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Cancer cuddles too. They lie together, holding hands. Cancerians are caring and entertaining. They're great cuddlers because they're kind and loving.

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Despite being fiery and sassy, Leos are sweet with their spouses. They love bonding and cuddling. They love PDA, keeping hands, and forever. They love snuggling on couches, beds, and chairs!

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Passionate and loving, Pisceans love cuddling and prefer sleeping with a pillow or teddy bear. Pisces are moody, so don't hug them if they're grumpy. If their spouses don't cuddle, cuddlers can get upset. 

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