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Zodiac Signs That Drink The Most Water

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There is always that one individual who never skimps on water. They take every precaution to ensure they are never thirsty, including carrying a water bottle with them at all times and always getting water alongside their cocktails. 


Perhaps it has something to do with their astrological sign, or perhaps they just like the way water tastes. In fact, there are three signs in particular that tend to consume the most water, so if you have a thirst for knowledge about your water intake, you might want to consult your horoscope.

Everyone, even people who despise water, needs to drink water, so these symbols don't need a cute water container to remind them to drink. 

Brilla Samay, an astronomer, claims that despite their apparent differences, water signs and fire signs have something in common: a mutual appreciation for hydration. These three Zodiac signs need plenty of water to maintain their busy schedules.

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If you know an Aries, you know that they are constantly bouncing off the walls, which is why people born under the sign of the fiery phoenix "need to drink more water to stay hydrated during their rigorous activities."

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They are naturally attracted to the water element more so than other signs because of their high levels of enthusiasm, energy, and passion for life, and because they frequently participate in physical activities like working out to burn off excess energy.


It's not surprising that Cancer, a water sign known for being "emotionally connected" and "prone to anxiety and stress," made the cut. Physically and psychologically, drinking water nourishes and calms [Cancers].


Drinking water can also be a form of self-care for people born under the Cancer zodiac sign; this relationship can be seen as a symbol of renewal and purification.

Samay also notes that many Cancers have an innate pull toward sources of water, and that maintaining proper hydration is just one more way for people born under this sign to strengthen their connection to it.

Like Aries, the fire sign Leo needs to drink plenty of water so that they can continue to challenge themselves "through sports, travel, or creative pursuits" without slowing down.


A Leo will pay for the best water and the most expensive water container they can find. Leos are known for their tendency to go above and beyond.

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