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Zodiac Signs That Are Most Likely To Ghost You

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Some Signs are very inconsistent, to the point that one day they may be completely head over heels in love with someone, but the next day, their emotions may have completely vanished for that person altogether.


Being in a relationship with a Gemini is like riding a wild coaster, as those born under this sign are notoriously evasive when it comes to discussing their emotions and have no plans to settle down anytime soon.


Gemini people are unsure of themselves when it comes to romantic relationships. They are extremely changeable, to the point where one day they may be madly in love with a total stranger.

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Aries can be quite brutal in the dating world, and the fact that they enjoy the thrill of the pursuit is a strong indicator that they are not exactly the most faithful sign over the course of a relationship.

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Aries views love as a competition, and if they meet someone more interesting in the future, they will not hesitate to end their conversation with the person they are currently talking to.


The sign of Scorpio is unquestionably the most enigmatic of the zodiac, which may be why people born under this sign have a tendency to vanish into empty air without providing any explanation as to why.


In reality, they aren't always up for facing reality; when their feelings begin to wane, they'd rather disappear than tell their companion they're ready to move on.

Sagittarius unwittingly haunts other individuals without their knowledge. Since we are dealing with the sign of the zodiac associated with the most risk-taking endeavors, we can expect the inhabitants of this sign to be quite erratic.


Every time a Sagittarius has the chance to embark on a new journey, they will immediately pack their bags and get on the first available flight, and they won't even bother to write a farewell letter...

Because Aquarius is such a pacifist sign, its natives despise the thought of getting into a fight, and as a result, they will almost always choose the path of least resistance.


It doesn't matter how long you've been chatting with an Aquarius; don't let their jovial personalities deceive you into thinking that they won't abruptly end the conversation if they feel the need to. They will have no problem doing so.

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