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Zodiac Signs That Are Big Foodie

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Perhaps the stars have something to do with these people's penchant for decadent foods. Read on to discover the sign of the zodiac that is the largest foodie, from the most subtle snob to the one who always orders extra for the table.


Certain individuals are game for anything, take great pleasure in being in the cooking, or are well-versed in the various top restaurants in their city. They don't care much for eating. They are huge foodies.

Pisces are known as the romantics of the zodiac, and they take great pleasure in giving in to their whims and fantasies. It is expected of them to lavish their love on those closest to them, and what better way to do that than through food?


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You can rest assured that they will always be willing to consume, and on top of that, they are big snackers (so if you're looking for something to nibble on, they've got you covered) and they enjoy trying new kinds of food.

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Capricorns have a refined side, and that sophistication extends to the way they make decisions regarding their diet. They might give in to the occasional request for a greasy slice of pizza or an excursion to a fast food restaurant.


According to Marquardt, Capricorns prefer "more elegant and sustainable dining experiences," such as a farm-to-table dinner with loads of organic fruit or a fresh seafood brunch.

Sagittarians are always up for a challenge, and that includes trying different cuisines. This fire sign enjoys experiencing other countries through food and drink, so they tend to be adventurous eaters.


They're all about the tasting menus and experimental dining experiences, particularly when they come with breathtaking scenery or an unusually varied menu.

These sensitive water signs are always searching for ways to help others and are especially fond of the rewarding experience of feeding those in need.


He claims that Cancers are the most likely to prepare meals using family recipes that have been handed down through the ages. They frequently resort to the same old standbys.

Although Virgos have a reputation for being choosy, they will eat anything once. Schmidt says they frequently try out new places and eat at the cutting edge of the culinary world's fads.


These earth signs enjoy being in charge, so they will gladly take on the role of executive cook if given the opportunity. They are very particular about their food and will promptly return an item if it is not to their taste.

The Taurean is far more nuanced and interesting than most people give them credit for, and they delight in exploring the better things in life. These earth signs have a healthy regard for food and tend to organize their day around mealtimes.


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