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Zodiac Signs Destined For Royalty

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Read on to find out which member of the royal family best exemplifies your astrological sign and which traits of a king or queen you share with them. Continue reading, and may you live long and prosperously as the masters of your own magnificent selves.


Here is our summary of the zodiac signs with the best chance of becoming king or queen, based on an examination of the birth charts of contemporary monarchs and the noble and less noble characteristics of the zodiac's twelve signs.

Bright are the star signs that seek or receive the weight that comes with wearing the crown, and heavy is the head that wears it.

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Due to the fact that Queen Elizabeth II as well as Prince Louis, Princess Charlotte, and Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor were all born under the sign of the bull, Taurus is considered to be the sign of both the old elite and the new order.

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Also, both Prince Harry and King Charles III have Taurus stars, which is an interesting coincidence. Taureans make excellent monarchs due to their opulent nature, regal appetites, and tyrannical demeanor.


Kings wore crowns, which became closely linked with solar cults and deities. The fifth astrological sign, Leo, is closely associated with monarchs because the sun is the sign's ruler.


Leos are not afraid of the limelight and have a strong desire to be adored by complete strangers, all traits befitting a king or queen. Leo Soon enough, Meghan Markle would be the reigning monarch.

The public sphere, the natural domain of global leaders, falls under Capricorn's tenth house of action. Capricorn energy has a royal feel to it because the sign is associated with what is stable, long-lasting, and inheritable.


Vulnerability is seen as a sign of weakness by sea goats, and showing feeling is considered embarrassing. They'd much rather keep the skeletons hidden in the closet and the dirt hidden under the plush rugs.

Kate Middleton, the sea goat and lawful wife of Prince William, is a walking example of this act of propriety; she never lets her hair down or her emotions show. 

Throughout history, monarchs were expected to wear crowns, and these headpieces had a direct connection to sun cults and solar deities.

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