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Zodiac Sign's Deep Dark Secrets

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Want to uncover the secrets of other people's behavior while they think no one is watching? Here, Best Life's resident astrologer reveals the shocking truth about each star sign.


You enjoy looking for your own name on websites and social networking sites because of this same reason. You may not be influenced to change your behavior by the opinions of others, but you cannot deny the whispers behind your back.

Aries: Looking yourself up on Google

Because of this, you would probably do anything to conceal the fact that you enjoy viewing endless amounts of low-budget, mushy films. Even though they aren't the most sophisticated movies, they're great for unwinding.

Taurus: Binge-watching sappy movies

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Gemini: Ignoring the group chat

The sign of Gemini is the zodiac's extrovert. You have a lot of parties on the weekend, so people often come to you when they're searching for something exciting to do on the weekend.

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Cancer: Eavesdropping on strangers

Some of the kindest people you'll ever meet are Cancers. You're a devoted friend because you always put other people first and think about how they feel.


You've got star potential, so it's not surprising that you've been daydreaming about the first episode of your own TV program.

Leo: Acting like you're on a reality show

The Virgo zodiac sign is known for its sharp mind and quick wit. You always keep a cool head under pressure, and you never miss a deadline or neglect a household responsibility. 

Virgo: Pretending to read in public

Despite your best intentions, you find yourself engaging in some flirtatious texting with the one ex that caused you the most trouble. 

Libra: Sending flirty texts to your ex

Scorpio, you may be the keeper of more secrets than anybody else. You're not one to let anyone in on your innermost thoughts and feelings until they earn your trust first. 

Scorpio: Bluffing in a game

Your fascinating life is largely due to your tendency for spontaneity, but this trait also accounts for the frequent instances in which you have multiple commitments on the same day. 

Sagittarius: Fibbing to get out of social plans

You wouldn't tell anyone if they asked, but your karaoke shower voice is incredible. You may now officially call yourself a pop star, what with your music blaring from the speakers.

Capricorn: Singing karaoke in the shower

You like to stick it to the man by giving yourself cereal for dinner on the regular. A bowl of delicious nostalgia, in your preferred flavor, offers everything you need to forget about the world for a while.

Aquarius: Eating cereal for dinner

When compared to the other zodiac signs, Pisceans have the most imaginative brains. You get great pleasure in imagining alternate realities, in which you can take on any identity you like. 

Pisces: Talking to your pets in funny voices

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