Zodiac Signs as Music Genres

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Aries' bold and spunky personality may come across as aggressive, but they take chances and remain true to themselves, just like hip-hop and rap.

Aries: Hip-Hop/Rap

Taurus is a trustworthy sign that you can always rely on, just like dependable country music. They value stability and are devoted to their partners.

Taurus: Country

Alternative music is an enigmatic genre with deep lyrics and a wide range of beats. Similar to Geminis, they are engaging, unexpected, and playful.

Gemini: Alternative

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Cancer: Jazz/Blues

Jazz & Blues are complex, dark, loving, vibrant, everything wrapped up in one just like Cancer who is deep pondering, attention-seeking and caring.


Pop music and Leos both value fame and popularity. Both invite a large audience and inject humour into any situation.

Leo: Pop

Hard rock and Virgos both have a knack for thinking too much and developing vital attitudes. Both have an aggressive look yet conceal depth and important meanings.

Virgo: Hard Rock

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Libra: Reggae

Reggae and Libras both strike a balance between sociability and serenity. Both offer consoling direction with upbeat lyrics and soothing sounds.

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Scorpio: Rock N’ Roll

Both scorpions and vintage rock 'n' roll radiate extreme badassery. With their attitude, they are hard to resist.

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Sagittarius: Musical Theater

Both Sagittarius and musical theatre exude a good aura that uplifts viewers and fosters community. Both gain from extrovert and humorous energy.


Classical music and Capricorns both value refinement and precision. Both exude sincerity and a strong desire to inspire others around them.

Capricorn: Classical

EDM is rebellious and innovative, always seeking out new experiences, just like Aquarius. Both stand out for having distinctive, dynamic styles. ntional among reliable friends. Their unusual and distinctive personality fits well with orchids.

Aquarius: EDM

Pisces are drawn to cheerful, danceable music because they use it as a getaway. Their sensitive and perceptive disposition values many cultural noises.

Pisces: House Music