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Zodiac Signs as Fruits

Aries stands for energy and early childhood. According to Chinese folklore, the peach represents unending youth, which is ideal for Aries' long life.

Aries: Peach

Taurus signifies life's pleasures and the enticing shape of pear signifies their intensity. Pears were Taurus priority and stood for success in China's past.

Taurus: Pear

Lemons stand for uplifting energy and drive away negativity. Ideal for Geminis' upbeat personality when they overcome duality and remain strong.

Gemini: Lemon

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Cancer: Fig

Cancer stands for moms, home, and family. Since ancient Egypt, the fig has stood for wealth and fertility, perfectly encasing Cancer's maternal nature.


Leo's essence, as well as the pleasures of life, perfectly matches the melon's symbolism of money, luxury, gluttony, and inventiveness.

Leo: Melon

Virgo represents a pure intellect. Christian symbolism holds that orange embodies Virgo's grace and stands for virginity, fertility, and innocence.

Virgo: Orange

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Libra: Strawberry

Libra represents love, harmony, and friendship. Due to its heart-shape, strawberries are associated with Venus and represent Libra's intense love.

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Scorpio: Pomegranate

Scorpio represents secrecy and death. According to Greek myth, pomegranate permanently imprisoned Persephone in underworld. It embodies Scorpio's spirit.

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Sagittarius: Grapes

Sagittarius values exploration and joy. In Roman mythology, Bacchus, who cherished wine and fruit, represented the Sagittarian delight of life's joys.


Capricorn yearns for gains and knowledge, but it has a cost. Apple, the allegory of the forbidden fruit, explains Capricorn's alluring quest for knowledge.

Capricorn: Apple

Season of Aquarius braves chilly winter for fresh starts. In Chinese philosophy, plum represents tenacity in enduring the cold and embodies Aquarian power.

Aquarius: Plum

Pisces signifies the journey of soul and rising insight. Cherries were associated with immortality and rebirth in ancient China, which fit Pisces' nature.

Pisces: Cherry