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Zodiac Sign That Are Most Lovesick

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It's also possible that astrology is the reason why some people are instantly head over heals in love. These zodiac sign is the most love-struck, from a little lovey-dovey to always enraptured, and everything in between!


They're hopelessly romantic and only want to be adored, but they can be overbearing at times. We've all experienced the pangs of longing for someone special, but these folks just become a bunch of naive romantics when they fall in love.

It's possible that all they really want is to feel connected to someone, but astrology could also be the reason why certain people fell in love at first sight.

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Venus, also known as the "love planet," is the asteroid that presides over the sign of Taurus. They are loyal individuals, even to the point of obsessiveness, and will remain in relationships much longer than they ought to.

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If they are apart from their partner for too long or if they aren't receiving enough affection from their spouse, they begin to feel homesick.


Scorpio is the type of person who would be able to make it on their own. The Scorpion will keep their feelings to themselves and their lips tightly sealed until they can completely put their confidence in you.


These passionate individuals aren't afraid to go after what they want and won't let anyone stand in their way. They have a lot of drive, but it can easily turn into obsession.

Leo loves themselves completely, but they are also capable of loving another person with the same intensity, particularly if the other person does something to stroke their vanity.


She tells Best Life that they have a tendency to idealize romance and romantic companions, and that this causes them to become quite quickly consumed with desire. Leos are never going to give up a battle until they get what they want.

Cancers are sensitive to everything on a fundamental level, and they don't squander any time in the process. If they like you, it will be immediately obvious to your.


These water signs are extremely in tune with their feelings and have a natural desire to care for others; however, they have a tendency to develop strong attachments to the people around them. They prefer to be around other people.

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