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Zodiac Sign That Are Most Likely to Cheat

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To determine which star sign is the most likely to deceive, we sought the advice of astrologers. The complete list of unfaithful signs, ranging from inadvertent infidelity to bold adultery, may come as a shock.


You might believe that you have all the information you need to spot a deceiver, such as someone who conceals their phone and vanishes without providing an explanation.

In order to gain a deeper comprehension of this topic, we conferred with experienced astrologers to get their perspectives on the zodiac sign that is most likely to deceive.

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You might find it strange that Capricorn, who is known for being level-headed and always realistic, is included on this list. However, it is these characteristics that allow them to keep their lives separate and keep a healthy distance from others.

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If their companion fulfills those requirements, they will be satisfied, but if not, they will reevaluate their options. And taking into consideration the fact that Capricorns are notorious for working until the wee hours of the morning,


Pisces is known as the sensitive, sentimental sign of the zodiac; however, this does not guarantee that they will always be monogamous. In point of fact, it is their passion for love itself that leads them into undesirable circumstances.


Pisces is more likely to cheat emotionally than physically because they are always seeking for emotional security.

Leos are notorious for their insatiable need for admiration. Whether it's taking over the dance floor at a wedding or talking nonstop at the dining table,


Others are attracted to them because of their charisma, and this can cause them to look elsewhere when they hadn't planned to.

Venus, the planet of love, is Libra's ruling planet. Because of this, they, like Pisces, tend to be too enthusiastic about the prospect of a romantic partnership.


Kirsten says, "Librarians are beauty, balance, and harmony obsessed, so they seek out attractive partners."

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