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You're a Taurus? Each and Every Detail Explained

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The inhabitants of Taurus, the second and most sensual sign of the zodiac, consider attractiveness and enjoyment to be basic human rights.


When it comes to projects, seasons, campaigns, and relationships, Taurus, as a Fixed Sign, is all about sticking it out until the very finish.

Venus, the planet of love, beauty, art, aesthetics, and diffuse light, is the ruler of the sign of Taurus.

Planetary ruler: Venus

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The Greek story of Zeus's bait-and-switch seduction and subsequent abduction of the Phoenician princess Eurpoa is associated with the sign of Taurus.

Multiple Blue Rings


Taurus is deeply dedicated to a life filled with sensual experiences, and as a result, they respect their appetites and elevate routine activities to the level of ritual.


When they are acting in their worst nature, Taurus are obstinate and vindictive, with a penchant for tailored uniforms and an unwillingness to give up control.


This trait of self-destructive stubbornness spills over into other areas of life, such as employment and art in the case of Taurus.

If gluttony is a Taurus’s favorite sin, pride is not far behind. They would rather eat government cheese than admit fault, accept defeat, receive assistance or reveal the soft underbelly of their needs. 

The Hierophant is a symbol of Taurus. Hierophant, which literally means "high priest" in Greek, is the lord of secrets and is responsible for making the intangible sacred.


He's positioned himself between two temple columns, each of which represents the twin foundations of faith and touch. He rules the material, ethereal, and mental worlds, as represented by the three-tiered crown he sports.

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