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Your Zodiac Sign's Perfect Wedding Dress

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Your Astrologically Appropriate Wedding Gowns Are Listed Here. You have high hopes of being the spotlight star of the event. She hopes her creativity will stand out during the event.


The future Mrs. Aries finds it enticing to be the focus of all eyes. The typical attire for an Aries bride is a long, scarlet dress with a low or even bare back.


The Taurean wife is kind, cultured, and devoted to her family. Taurus bridal attire: a white dress with intricate lace and a hat, or perhaps a dress handed down from ancestors.


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The fiancée who is a Gemini never really grows up. The perfect dress for a Gemini wedding would be a riot of color and texture and volume.

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The Cancer newlywed has a refined and gentle demeanor. Cancer bridal attire: a curvy, lace-adorned gown in a delicate hue. Flowers were arranged in a headdress and placed atop her head.


On her wedding day, the Leo woman commands attention like a true monarch. The contemporary Leo bride wears a red corset dress with pearl accents and a hat.


The Virgo bride values privacy and prefers an intimate celebration. Virgo brides wear long, white dresses that are trimmed modestly and are topped off with veils. 


The Libra groom wants to woo his future wife romantically. The Libra bride wears a long silk and lace robe with a corset and a floral crown.


The Scorpio newlywed plans to stand out from the crowd by dressing provocatively and creatively for the wedding. A short, svelte, red or black dress with a plunging neckline or bare back is ideal for a Scorpio wedding.


The Sagittarius groom is marrying an extreme traveler. The Sagittarius newlywed wore a pastel jumpsuit that was both airy and slimming, and she wore her hair in a braid.


The Capricorn newlywed isn't on the hunt for a Cinderella gown. She prefers timeless looks. The ideal wedding dress for a Capricorn woman is a slimming shade of gray or white.


She should wear something truly unique on her particular day. Dress with contrasting colors and fabrics (like sea foam green on red frills) and a hat are typical accessories for an Aquarius wedding.


For the Pisces betrothed, it's important to daydream. The wedding ritual should feel like something out of a storybook. The customary white dress, long but not heavy, that gives her an air of serenity.


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