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Your Zodiac Sign's Favorite Cocktail

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If you find yourself in a situation where you are unsure of what to order, make sure to consult this list to obtain a drink suggestion from the zodiac signs. Everyone has a drink that perfectly captures the spirit of their zodiac sign.


A fiery cocktail, like a Bloody Mary, is in order to match the ferocity of an Aries. Like the fire sign, Ms. Charlotte thinks the drink's distinctive flavor is something of a "acquired taste."


Ms. Charlotte thinks that the Bellini is the beverage that most accurately captures the spirit of Taurians because of their appreciation for the better things in life.


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The astrologer is of the opinion that mojitos should never be "consumed in good times among friends," and Geminis have a large number of such acquaintances.

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Cancers thrive when they are constantly surrounded by the people they care about the most, and a delectable batch of sangria is the kind of beverage that is perfect for passing around the group.


Aperol Spritzes are extremely photogenic, and if there's a sign of the zodiac that enjoys having a lot of attention focused on their Instagram Stories, it's the Leo.Just like Leos, which never fail to capture everyone's attention.


A Virgo's credo is "work hard, play hard," and they live by this credo. There is only one beverage that can keep up with this level of vitality, and that beverage is a Espresso Martini.


There's no denying a Libra's beauty, and a vibrant pink copy of Cosmopolitan certainly stands out. Carrie Bradshaw was a Libra, which is worth noting in and of itself. Therefore, I think I've said enough.


Because Scorpios are complex individuals with many layers, it can be challenging to understand them. Since this is the case, Ms. Charlotte is of the opinion that an Irish Coffee is the beverage that exudes the most Scorpio vitality.


Sagittarius are born natural explorers, and a Pia Colada is the perfect beverage to take with you on your journeys.This beverage is a little slice of heaven in a glass.


Capricorns just want to decompress with a drink that is easy to make but still tastes good at the end of a long day at work, and a vodka martini is the ideal choice for this situation.


Since Aquarius is governed by Uranus, the god of thunder and lightning, Ms. Charlotte has determined that the Dark 'N' Stormy is the beverage that best represents Aquarians.


Pisces are always searching for a good time, and the Long Island Iced Tea, which is a drink that is made with four different kinds of hard liquor, always delivers on that promise.


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