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Your Aesthetic according to your Zodiac Sign

Aries embraces a minimalist aesthetic to streamline their lives, get rid of unwanted clutter, and calm their impetuous minds.

Aries: Minimalist

Taurus is a sign that thrives on the beauty of nature, thus the cottagecore style is ideal for them. They patiently seek pleasure and cherish beauty and love.

Taurus: Cottagecore

A maximalist aesthetic that celebrates the chaotic yet dynamic nature of Gemini is necessary given their love of socializing and ability to juggle many interests.

Gemini: Maximalist

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Cancer: Coastal Grandmother

Cancer rules the homebody lifestyle with home-cooked dinners and soft jazz, embracing the aesthetic of the coastal grandmother with their loving energy and passion for tradition.


Leo, with their passionate and free-spirited nature, embodies the summercore aesthetic. They enjoy being noticed and applauded, and they thrive on drama and action.

Leo: Summercore

The practical and disciplined attitude of Virgo makes them an ideal match for the Scandinavian aesthetic. embracing elegance, natural elements, and simplicity.

Virgo: Scandinavian

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Libra: Cluttercore

Cluttercore fits Libra's indecisiveness and love of variety perfectly. They remain interested and stimulated thanks to vibrant clothing and art-filled spaces.

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Scorpio: Tumblrcore

Scorpios match the dark and analytical 2014 Tumblrcore style perfectly thanks to their brooding demeanor and in-depth knowledge of the human psyche.

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Sagittarius: Adventurecore

Sign that is ideal for adventurecore as they are lifelong learners and adventure seekers. They make ideal adventure companions because they are upbeat and versatile.


The ambitious and diligent temperament of Capricorn complements the dark academia aesthetic, which emphasizes academic pursuits with a gothic touch, wonderfully.

Capricorn: Dark Academia

Aquarians are inquisitive and rebellious, and they want to improve society as a whole. They fit in spacecore and think outside the box since Uranus rules them.

Aquarius: Spacecore

Pisces have magic on their minds as they navigate life. They represent the whimsical mermaidcore style, which celebrates aquatic beauty. They are enigmatic and introspective.

Pisces: Mermaidcore