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Worst Exotic Animals to Have as Pets

Most exotic pets require unique foods, environmental conditions, and human interaction. It's important to do your homework before buying a pet because their housing and medical care costs can add up quickly.

Far too many people, unfortunately, purchase exotic pets illegally, find out they cannot care for them, and then abandon them. Keep in mind that the cuteness factor alone is no guarantee of a pleasurable or low-maintenance pet.

In no circumstances should a bat be removed from its natural environment and kept as a companion. They are complex creatures with particular needs, and life in captivity can be incredibly lonely for them.


As a general rule, tigers as pets are a bad notion. A tiger, like any other big cat, can cause serious injury or death if it plays too roughly with its owner. Tiger cubs may be cute and easy to care for, but mature tigers retain their wild nature and cannot be tamed.


Keeping a rattlesnake as a pet is risky for clear reasons. They are poisonous creatures capable of causing internal bleeding and irreparable harm to the skin with just one bite.


The wallaroo is a tiny marsupial native to Australia that resembles a kangaroo. Pets of this kind are expensive and have specific needs, like lots of room and early training.


These creatures of the night are notorious for their devastation, antics, and unpredictability. Even though raccoons can be taught to use a litter box and perform other basic tasks, they still need to be housed in a large, child-proof enclosure.


While scorpions are intriguing and unique creatures, their popularity as pets belies the fact that they can be extremely harmful if handled improperly. They poison us with a wallop that can't be ignored


Wolfdogs are a hybrid between a domestic canine and a gray wolf; despite being domesticated, they retain many of the same wild wolf characteristics.


While it may seem exciting to have a leopard as a companion, the experience is anything but enjoyable for the cat. They are extremely risky wild creatures that are also very costly and high maintenance.


Another reptile that has no place in a home is the crocodile. They are costly to keep and hard to find, and they can break your limb with a whip of their powerful tail if they get angry.


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