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World's Best Small Dog Breeds

Tiny canines like Yorkies are adaptable to a wide range of living situations, from spacious mansions to cramped apartments. (from 12 to 20 years). But don't group them into a single category. 

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As with any generalization, the stereotype that small canine breeds are inherently more difficult to train because they are "yappy," overly active, or both is not always accurate. Small canine breeds (including toy breeds) certainly have big personalities.


Chihuahuas are descended from a canine in Central or South America called the Techichi. They typically don't get much bigger than 6 inches in height, and rarely weigh more than 6 pounds. Dogs that are small in size but strong in personality


They are the little elderly men of the tiny canine world, with expressive bearded faces and big eyes, and they have acted as both work dogs and noble companions in their native Belgium.

Brussels Griffon

The Pomeranian, despite his or her diminutive size, exudes the confidence of a lion thanks in no small part to his or her luxurious double hair. If not properly taught, the little dog's sassy personality will dictate family life.


There's a reason why affenpinschers are also known as "monkey dogs" and "ape terriers." When compared to the aforementioned primates, their serious expressions make them appear more like humans and less like dogs.


They have a long history of service, including as ratters for nobility, and now make active, devoted watchdogs. While the Yorkie will bring love and laughter to the family for years to come, it is important to keep young children.

Yorkshire Terrier

There is a wide range of coat lengths and hues available for Russian toy dogs. Despite its diminutive stature, the toy dog makes a wonderful house pet because of its friendly demeanor toward people and other animals.

Russian Toy

The quick-witted, good-time plaything Fox Terriers are very trainable and anxious to learn. They, too, have experience working as field ratters and small game hunters. Because of their heritage and boundless energy, they often chase after pets and other small creatures.

Toy Fox Terrier

The royal pedigree of this regal canine is still evident in the fluffy tail and full mane it sports. The Japanese chin's short snout and large, expressive eyes make it an irresistible companion. 

Japanese Chin

The Chinese crested is an intelligent, friendly, and colorful breed of dog that can be hairless or covered. If you get a hairless crested, you won't have to worry as much about shedding or canine smell.

Chinese Crested

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