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World's 10 Smartest Animals

What are the top ten most intelligent animals on the planet? We've carried out the investigation! Hop right in to learn more about which animals are the most intelligent in the world.

Even rats have a pen pal system. They show symptoms of despair and loneliness when they are left alone. Rats' distinct personalities and complex social structures help make them exceptionally intelligent.

#10: Rats

Pigeons, which are commonly referred to as "flying rats," come in at number two on our list. Nonetheless, the grounds for their inclusion in this list are very diverse. The ability of pigeons to detect their own reflection is evidence of a sophisticated self-awareness.

#9: Pigeons

Crows, like humans, have the ability to pick up language and remember it vividly. Scientists have documented crows changing their migration routes to avoid potentially hazardous places.

#8: Crows

Mother pigs will often sing to their young as they feed them, and the species as a whole uses over 20 distinct sounds for communication. There is evidence that pigs are capable of empathy.

#7: Pigs

Octopuses employ both their long-term and short-term memories to solve mazes and other problem-solving tests. This aids them in navigating their environment and returning to their dens after foraging for long periods of time.

#6: Octopus

The African grey parrot ranks first among birds and fifth overall on this list of smartest animals. These parrots, with an IQ equivalent to that of a human child of five, can not only pick up human language but also use it effectively.

#5: African Grey Parrots

These creatures have a complex social structure, and its members have been seen attending and even taking part in funerals for deceased family members.

#4: Elephants

The animal most closely related to us genetically is the third most intellectual on this list. Chimpanzees are native to sub-Saharan Africa and share 98% of our DNA with us.

#3: Chimpanzees

Dolphins are highly trainable, but that's not all they've got going for them; they can also spot strange marks on their reflections, identify TV shows, and remember a lot of information.

#2: Bottlenose Dolphins

There's a pretty cool story behind why orangutans win first place. Orangutans, like chimpanzees, have developed tool use, sign language, and elaborate social rituals.

#1: Orangutans

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