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Why You Should Get an Older Dog?

Because of the widespread preference for younger, more active dogs, senior canines are frequently ignored in shelters. However, adopting a senior canine can be extremely fulfilling.

Why older dogs?

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Second Chance

You can save a senior dog from being put down by adopting one, and you'll be giving that dog a second shot at enjoying the quality of life it has remaining.

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They are often already trained

You might not be able to teach an old dog new skills, but that doesn't mean he doesn't know anything by now. Most dogs with silver muzzles are well-versed in the basics of training.


Older canines have a better understanding of what it means to live. They don't worry about trifles (or bark at it). A dog's maturity typically manifests itself in a more laid-back demeanor.

Senior dogs know how to chill

The senior canine has learned what is truly important in life. All they want is to give and receive affection. They can ignore the neighboring squirrels and skip the game of fetch.

Senior dogs make loyal companions

It is expected that adoption fees for senior dogs will be cheaper than those for puppies or young dogs at the shelter.

Senior dogs are often less expensive

Senior dogs are lower-maintenance than puppies, who need constant attention, stimulation, and exercise. This makes them a good match for a wide range of lifestyles.

Senior dogs can fit in

Older dogs are full of affection and would be happy to share it with you and your family. You can do a lot of good by rescuing an older dog.

Where to Adopt an Older Dog

Look up area rescue groups that focus on rehoming senior dogs, such as the Humane Society.

Adopting a senior canine can be a life-changing experience for people of all ages, from the Baby Boomers to millennials to Gen Zers and beyond.

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