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Which Zodiac Signs Represents Your US States?

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One of the world's most varied nations, where every single one of its states offers its visitors something new and thrilling. With such a large area, every sign of the zodiac can find its ideal home.


The Lone Star State would be a great place for the imaginative and perceptive Aries. If you're an active and enthusiastic Aries, you'll love Texas for all it has to offer, including a plethora of major sports teams like the Dallas Cowboys. 

Texas is the place for Aries

The warm-hearted, compassionate, and family-focused Taurus would fit in perfectly well in the North Star State.

Minnesota should be Taurus' home

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Illinois is great for Gemini

You, my fellow Geminis, would do well in Illinois because of your adaptability, creativity, and quick wit. Illinois is an exciting state that has produced many notable Americans.

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Cancer, head to Alabama

Cancers are generally the most traditional of all the zodiac signs because of their strong attachment to home, family, and other domestic aspects of life.


Washington, of course, being the astrological homeland of Leo and the place where all authority is concentrated. The state of Washington is genuinely dynamic, boasting a diverse range of breathtaking landscapes.

Washington is Leo's homeland

Astute and analytical, Virgos are also highly intuitive and effective team members. Arizona, with its plentiful job opportunities, is a great place for Virgos to settle down. 

Arizona is ideal for Virgo

They adore being surrounded by things of great beauty and have a great appreciation for fashion and works of art. Libras are all about harmony, balance, and fairness.

New York is perfect for Libra

The Golden State is a very fast-paced state, and its residents are always going somewhere new and exciting! Scorpios would be perfectly at ease in the vibrant and active environment of California.

California is for Scorpio

Sagittarians appreciate the finer things in life and are content when they can spend their time quietly with those they care about. They really enjoy the outdoors, especially when there is water and vegetation nearby. Sagittarius

Hawaii is calling Sagittarius

Capricorns, known for their wisdom and insight, would love living in the Bay State. Some of the best universities in the globe can be found in the Bay State.

Massachusetts would suit Capricorn

Their astrological birthplace is undoubtedly the Sunshine State, Florida, which explains their laid-back demeanor and intense aversion to being in a hurry.

Aquarius feels at home in Florida

Pisces are also reserved individuals; they despise being the center of attention and choose to maintain a low profile. However, once they get to know you, they can really let their guard down.

Alaska is a good match for Pisces

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