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Which Zodiac Signs Are More Likely to Get Divorced?

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It is essential to have an understanding of the astrological variables that play a role in this area because each sign handles interpersonal dynamics in a manner that is distinctive to itself. 


The only piece of information you require to gain deeper insight into another individual is their date of birth, so long as you follow the teachings of astrology. This will reveal their solar sign, which is indicative of their fundamental character traits. 

What you need to know

Even though solar signs are only the first step in a much more involved astrological analysis, they are still regarded as being of the utmost significance when it comes to comprehending a person's characteristics. 

Sun sign

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Because of their independent character, Aquarius are the sign with the lowest likelihood of ever getting married in the first place. They have a strong desire for autonomy, which makes them more likely to sever connections.

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Sagittarians aren't big fans of the conventional, long-term commitments that come with romantic partnerships, primarily because they feel the need to maintain their independence and the ability to be flexible.


People born under the sign of Pisces are known for their sensitivity and awareness of their own feelings, as well as their desire for a profound relationship with the people they love. 


Geminis are renowned for their quick wit and for being the social butterflies of the zodiac. Geminis are born between June 3 and July 22. They frequently seek out a never-ending supply of stimulation and adaptability


Aries, who are associated with the element of fire and are known for their fierce independence and self-assurance, are also known for their intense emotion and yearn for a relationship that has a dynamic that is similarly fiery. 


Leos are powerful and self-sufficient individuals who are natural-born leaders and frequently enjoy being the center of attention. They also want to be able to let loose and demonstrate who they are. 


Taureans are by nature dedicated and realistic, traits that are reflected in the way they interact with others. They have a reputation for being obstinate and unwilling to make concessions, but they are also endearing and laid-back.


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