Which MCU Character represents your Zodiac Sign

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Aries is represented by Captain Marvel, who is bold, self-assured, and passionate but also being impetuous, hot-tempered, and ready to act.

Aries: Captain Marvel

Taurus is a dependable sign known for its commitment to home, family, and the greater good, and Black Panther represents these qualities. He is the ideal Taurean hero 

Taurus: Black Panther

Geminis are known for their enthusiasm, curiosity, and charisma, which Iron Man possesses in abundance. But he also experiences feelings of isolation and selflessness. His heroism is result of this duality.

Gemini: Iron Man

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Cancer: Captain America

Cancer characteristics are shown in Captain America's tenacious tenacity, difficulty expressing emotions, and steadfast devotion to loved ones.


Thor is a fantastic example of a Leo because of his charismatic demeanor, sense of responsibility, and sweet disposition. Despite his occasional haughtiness, he always wants to do the right thing.

Leo: Thor

Virgos can connect with Spiderman since he is dedicated to his family, selfless, hardworking, and eager to help. Spiderman is ideal Virgo representative because of his youth, curiosity, and shy nature.

Virgo: Spiderman

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Libra: James Rhode 

With his keen sense of fairness, love for structure and convention, and outgoing personality, James Rhodes personifies the Libra astrological sign.

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Scorpio: Black Widow

Black Widow is perfect role model for Scorpios because she is evil-free yet still deadly. She represents qualities of intelligence and reliability with courage, loyalty, and resourcefulness.

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Sagittarius: Nakia

Nakia represents the Sagittarian mentality, which is motivated by independence, travel, and discovery. Her fiery sign is shown in her passion and strong defense of those she loves.


While Pepper's tendency towards unforgiveness and judgement can occasionally be a weakness, her responsible and orderly nature makes her the ideal Capricorn.

Capricorn: Pepper Potts

Shuri is ideal Aquarian because of her independence, inventiveness, and forward-thinking outlook. She represents the sign's aura of quirkiness and thirst for new endeavors. 

Aquarius: Shuri

In spite of his troubled past, Pisces Bucky Barnes is a very empathetic figure who is seen with kids and raising goats.

Pisces: Bucky Barnes