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What's the World's Loudest Animal?

There are a lot of extremely noisy noises out there. Those who live above you, for instance. The Amazon package carrier who arrives just as your infant is falling asleep. Wild Dogs. 

However, your eardrums might stop working if you shared a neighborhood with a blue whale. Be thankful you don't have to put up with the world's noisiest animals, which can easily drown out two shrieking in-laws.

Multiple Blue Rings


Hyenas are notoriously noisy animals, and their laugh-like cackle can turn into a terrifying roar if they feel threatened. Their vocalizations, even if they sound like high-pitched laughs, typically indicate fear.


The structure of a lion's vocal cords enables it to generate high-frequency sounds with minimal lung pressure, resulting in a roar that can be heard from as far as five miles away.


500 people are killed by hippos every year in Africa, while only 22 are killed by lions. However, this is still the case despite the fact that lion territory is more remote from human settlements than hippo territory.


There are four distinct vocalizations that gray wolves are capable of making: whimpers, grunts, barks, and howls. They use vocalizations to convey meaning, much like canines. There is no correlation between the moon and wailing, but howls carry the most volume.

Gray Wolf

The large trunks and vocal chords of African elephants allow them to produce a powerful trumpet. Although trumpeting can be used to convey a range of feelings, it is most often used to convey strong emotions like elation, anguish, or anger.

African Elephant

Males can produce noises as loud as 120 decibels during their call. The louder the male cicadas' cries, the more attention they get from the females, so they must be extroverted.

Green Grocer Cicadas

Elephant seals are one of the world's noisiest creatures, communicating with their young via loud bellows and grunts. Sounds are muffled while submerged. They're ear-splitting on dry ground.

Northern Elephant Seal

Their primary modes of communication consist of whistles and chirps. They have the ability to hiss when they feel threatened and can be taught to converse and even sing for their favored people.

Moluccan Cockatoo

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