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Top Dog Choices for an Aries

Do you want to know what kind of canine you, as an Aries, should get? Stop right there! The three ideal canine companions for an Aries are listed below.

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About the Aries

In the horoscope, Aries comes first. They are stereotyped as being overly emotional, aggressive, and rash. One of the fire signs, they are stereotyped as being quick to anger.

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Thai Ridgeback

The Thai Ridgeback is a species known for its ferocity. They have a reputation for being stubborn, and once they set their thoughts on something, there's no stopping them from obtaining it.


They also exhibit a potent urge to hunt. They are also known to be fiercely loyal to their own people. The Thai Ridgeback is just as confident and courageous as an Aries.

Another type known for its ferocity is the Dogo Argentino, also known as the Argentine Mastiff. They share the Thai Ridgeback's high hunting drive and fierce determination.

Dogo Argentino

Like the Aries, they can seem tough at first, but their true nature is surprisingly gentle. These canines are also brave and devoted.

The Akita is a big and robust breed that was developed in Japan. They have an unwavering commitment to their people and are characterized as fearless and loyal.


Despite the fact that the Akita was first developed in Japan, there is now an American variety that was created by crossing Japanese and American Akitas.

Both the American and Japanese Akita could make good pets for an Aries, though the former is slightly bigger. Hachiko, a Japanese Akita, became well-known because of the extraordinary devotion he displayed toward his master.

Are the three canine breeds we suggested for an Aries accurate? Do you have something to say?

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