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Top Breed of Dog for Laid Back People

Several low-energy dog breeds that still need regular exercise have been included. In addition, you can select a size range for the dog you want to adopt from the catalog.

Multiple Blue Rings


Pugs are completely happy living in cramped quarters and don't need a lot of space or exercise. Indoor games are great for satisfying kids' curiosity about their surrounding environments.


Bulldogs make fantastic companions and are often seen interacting positively with kids. This dog type prefers to stay inside and relax with its human family.


This itty-bitty pooch has excellent manners and is a very loving companion. The Maltese may have a laid-back attitude, but they are more than ready to get their game on and have some fun.


The Great Dane is yet another enormous species on the list that behaves very much like a young child. They are constantly on the lookout for an opportunity to climb onto their human's shoulder, but they may choose to settle in close proximity to your body instead.


This companion lap canine is just perfect for those of you who like to lounge around all day. This adorable dog only needs a short stroll and some time spent playing indoors to satisfy his need for exercise.

Shih Tzu

This teddy bear lookalike isn't much of a socialite, so she'll be content to sprawl out in your house wherever it's most comfortable for her.


The toy breed requires very little daily activity and still performs exceptionally well. Chihuahuas are known for being highly intelligent, sensitive, and protective of their human families.


It is a canine breed that is known for its intelligence despite its small size. They do not require a great deal of exercise but look forward to going on their everyday walks nonetheless.


The characteristics of a Basset Hound go beyond their droopy cheeks and small legs. Couch enthusiasts will find them to be the perfect companions. This particular canine breed only needs a jaunt that is brief and pleasant on a daily basis in order to remain in tip-top shape.

Basset Hounds

A kind and compassionate nature lies beneath their intimidating bulk and demeanor. This canine needs a moderate amount of exercise in order to stay fit. They are able to adjust well even when living in a smaller space such as an apartment.


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