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Top 8 Trainable Pet Bird Species

There are many kinds of birds to choose from if you're looking for a smart, interesting, and trainable pet. There isn't a single dumb bird in the world; they can all learn to do tricks, games, riddles, and even talk.

However, there are a select few species that appear to take stunt training and entertaining skills performances very seriously. Eight of the most interesting and instructive kinds of pet birds are discussed here.

Macaws have humorous temperaments and can also be very affectionate; they form strong bonds with their masters and can live up to 100 years if properly cared for.


These old-world parrots are often cited as the most intelligent birds on Earth. These incredible parrots have surprised everyone from casual bird owners to university researchers with their remarkable memories and deep emotional capacities.

African Grey Parrots

Many specialists on birds have said that the stunning Amazon Parrots are among the best communicators of any species of bird. Their vocabulary growth potential is extraordinary.

Amazon Parrots

These birds are known to develop extremely strong bonds with their owners and are susceptible to experiencing intense emotional distress if they begin to feel neglected by their owners.


Budgies are able to learn to speak just as well as larger parrots, but in addition to that, they can be taught to perform a variety of entertaining tricks that never fail to amaze their owners.

Budgies Parakeets

Mynah Birds, which is actually a member of the starling family, can also be conditioned to learn and produce human speech, just like parrots and songbirds can. This ability was previously thought to be exclusive to songbirds and parrots.

Mynah Birds

Lovebirds are a species that possesses high intelligence and a strong sense of curiosity. They are exceptional at getting out of cages thanks to the fact that they are good at finding solutions to riddles and are quick learners.


These birds can be trained to interact with you through sound and touch. The birds can be trained to settle on your finger, take off and circle back to you whenever you call their name.


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