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Top 8 Mountain Dog Breeds

 Dogs doing heroic things like saving lost hikers, guarding ducklings, and calming down rowdy kids. The Great Pyrenees, Saint Bernard, and Leonberger are just a few examples of the types of dogs that fall under this category.

Farmers in Bern, Switzerland, used these giant mountain dogs to herd cattle, protect their fields, and pull carts. Although Berners can weigh up to 115 pounds, their superb temperament and kind nature belie their size.

Bernese Mountain Dogs

As early as 1800 B.C., this kind of mountain dog was introduced to the Pyrenees Mountains straddling the border of France and Spain and put to work as a herding dog. Even in modern times, huge, obedient dogs.

Great Pyrenees

The Entlebucher Mountain Dog is a popular breed in its country of origin, Switzerland, but is rather uncommon in the United States. Entles, who are more compact than other mountain dog breeds, are wonderful pets for the energetic.

Entlebucher Mountain Dog

These large mountain canines (up to 140 pounds) have an equally large heart. Larger Swiss Mountain Dogs are loyal and trustworthy companions who enjoy the company of both familiar and unfamiliar faces.

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Despite their reputation for being courageous, active, and alert on the work, Kuvasz (or Kuvaszok) can have a surprisingly pleasant demeanor at home. It's no wonder that the Tibetan Terrier.


The gentle giants can plow through heavy snow in the Swiss Alps because they weigh between 120 and 180 pounds. Mountain rescue is still a focus for the breed, but they are also friendly, social, flexible, and eager to please.

Saint Bernard

Tibetan Mastiffs are still revered as a guard dog—with a softer side—because of their size (the canines may weigh up to 150 pounds) and their innate protective nature (they are still hesitant with strangers).

Tibetan Mastiff

The enormous, powerful dogs were a common sight onboard the fishing vessels of Canadian fisherman off the coast of Newfoundland, where the seamen relied on the dogs' exceptional swimming abilities to save lives in dangerous situations.


Contrast to other mountain dog breeds, were not developed for labor but rather as companion animals. Love in the form of a 90- to 170-pound German dog. Affectionate, terrific with kids, and a dog who loves everyone are common descriptors of Leonbergers.


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