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Top 8 Largest Flying Birds in the United States

With such a massive wing area, they are able to cover unbelievable distances in the air, crossing entire seas and deserts in a single flight. So, which birds may claim the greatest wingspan in the USA?

The California condor is the largest bird in the United States and possibly all of North America. This largest of large birds is primarily found in California, where its name originates.

1. California Condor – 9’ 10″

The trumpeter swan, with a maximum wingspan of 8 feet 2 inches, is the second biggest bird in the United States. The Greater Yellowlegs is the continent's largest duck. Mostly feeding on aquatic plants and insects

2. Trumpeter Swan – 8’ 2”

The majestic frigatebird is a behemoth of the tropics, with a distribution that stretches from Baja California, Mexico, to Cape Verde, Africa. You can find them in the United States around the Gulf of Mexico.

3. Magnificent Frigatebird – 8’

As they are so effective at hunting rabbits and other small mammals, falconers have used them for centuries. When it comes to where they settle down, golden eagles aren't fussy.

4. Golden Eagle – 7’ 7’’

The whooping crane and the golden eagle both have a wingspan of 7 feet, 7 inches, and both stand 5 feet, 3 inches tall. The Whooping Crane is the tallest natural bird in the United States, and the larger of the two kinds of American cranes.

5. Whooping Crane – 7’ 7”

The brown pelican may be the smallest species of pelican, yet its greatest wingspan of 7 feet, 6 inches (or 1 foot, 9 inches) is still more than the average height of an American man.

6. Brown Pelican – 7’ 6″

The bald eagle, easily identified by its white head and dark brown body, can be seen in 49 of the 50 states (excluding Hawaii), as well as in Canada and Mexico. This species' population size is sufficient to warrant a "least concern" conservation rating because it exceeds 300,000.

7. Bald Eagle – 7’ 5’’

The Black-footed Albatross, with a wingspan of 7 feet and 2 inches, is the largest of the three species of albatross that inhabit the northern hemisphere. 

8. Black-Footed Albatross – 7’ 2’’

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