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Top 10 Websites to Adopt a Pet 

We have compiled a list of trustworthy national sites that offer pet adoption services to assist you in finding the ideal pet. These are the top places online to adopt pets in 2019.

Petfinder is dedicated to helping people find pets of all shapes and sizes, from canine and feline companions to more unusual animals like horses, rabbits, and pigs. Your search for a pet can be refined according to age, type.

1. Petfinder

More than 17,000 shelters and rescues across North America (including Canada) have animals listed on this non-profit's website. Adopt a Pet has a user-friendly website that even those who aren't tech-savvy can navigate with ease.

2. Adopt a Pet

While the ASPCA's advertisements portraying mistreated pets have become famous, the group's goal is not to make you emotional. Finding a furry companion is one of its goals.


In the 1980s, Best Friends was established in Kanab, Utah. Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, and Salt Lake City are just few of the big cities that have joined the movement since its inception.

4. Best Friends Animal Society

PetSmart Charities is similar to other online pet adoption resources in that you can filter your search by location, breed, color, size, age, and sex. There is a database of animals available for adoption from local shelters.

5. PetSmart Charities

The AKC Rescue Network is the place to go if you're looking for a dog of a specific breed. It connects you directly to the website of the rescue organization you choose from among many operating across the country.

6. AKC Rescue Network

Because they are the largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization in the world, we are huge fans of the North Shore Animal League of America. In an effort to place animals in permanent, caring homes,

7. North Shore Animal League of America

You may locate cats and dogs at most adoption centers. Some can lead you to a variety of lizards and domesticated animals. Rescue Me goes above and beyond simply providing a large number of adoptable animals.

8. Rescue Me

You may narrow down your search on Petco Love by area, breed, color, size, age, and sex, just like on most other adoption websites. Petco stores frequently collaborate with nearby animal shelters to hold adoption events.

9. Petco Love

Petango has worked with nearly 2,000 animal shelters across the United States and Canada to provide its users with up-to-the-minute information on pets. You can adopt a pet from a shelter anywhere in North America. 

10. Petango

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