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Top 10 Most Smartest Dog Breeds

Although there are many intelligent dogs in the world, several breeds have gained a reputation for being very bright. Word comprehension, problem solving skills, and other traits can all contribute to a dog's overall IQ.

The border collie has a reputation for being the most intelligent and successful breed of dog. Despite their herding roots, border collies are incredibly versatile workers.

Border Collie

The Australian shepherd is intelligent, energetic, and pleasant to be around. Because of its ancestry as a herding dog, this breed is extremely hardworking and eager to learn new things.

Australian Shepherd

The poodle possesses some of the highest canine intelligence, regardless of its size. Poodles were originally bred for hunting, but today they can make excellent service dogs and loyal pets.


The Australian cattle dog is a breed of dog known for its intense devotion to its master. Having a job to do makes this kind of dog very happy. Without something to occupy its time, it may resort to less desirable activities.

Australian Cattle Dog

The German shepherd is a devoted and protective breed, yet its high levels of activity and intellect can give it a nervous or hyper appearance. Jobs are essential for German shepherds.

German Shepherd

The Shetland sheepdog keeps its eyes peeled at all times, ready to pick up new information or await your command. Shelties have a keen ability to read their human companions and quickly pick up on the norms to which they should conform.

Shetland Sheepdog

While small in stature, the papillon is everything but a lap dog. Dogs of this size are known for being social, alert, and energetic. They may sit in your lap for a little while, but they'll soon be on the prowl for something more stimulating.


The Rottweiler has a keen eye for interpreting human expressions and other nonverbal signs. These canines are known to be friendly and outgoing with their human companions, but can be reserved or even aloof when meeting new individuals.


A bold, active, intelligent, and stubborn dog, the Jack Russell terrier has many traits with its closely related cousin, the Parson Russell terrier. These terriers are highly intelligent and high-energy, making them perfect for dog sports like agility.

Jack Russell Terrier

The golden retriever may look like an easygoing, silly dog. But because they are both intelligent and extremely people-oriented, goldens do very well in training. The combination of these qualities makes golden retrievers ideal service animals.

Golden Retriever

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