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Top 10 Fastest Birds in America

There are innumerable animals in the world, but few can compare to the fast birds who control the air. These brave animals are well-known for their lightning-fast reflexes and keen intelligence.

The common eider is a sea duck with a distinctive look that makes it easy to recognize. The breeding male has a green to yellow-orange bill and a combination of green and white feathers on his head and back.

10. Common Eider – 70 mph

The canvasback, the largest diving duck in North America, is just slightly faster than the common eider. The canvasback's remarkable look is due in large part to its lengthy

9. Canvasback – 72 mph

During the breeding season, male red-breasted mergansers can be identified by their distinctive look, which includes a cinnamon-colored chest, a white neck band, and a fuzzy green head.

8. Red-Breasted Merganser – 80 mph

The Eurasian hobby is a little falcon known for its slender build. Its upper body is covered with slate gray feathers, and it has a dark head and two black moustachial stripes. It has a clean, white throat.

7. Eurasian Hobby – 100 mph

No introduction is necessary for bald eagles. One of the most well-known species of birds in the Americas. Adult bald eagles have white heads and tails to contrast with their dark brown bodies and wings.

6. Bald Eagle – 100 mph

In North America, the red-tailed hawk is both the largest and most frequent hawk species. The upper parts of these hawks are normally a deep brown color, while the undersides are white.

5. Red-Tailed Hawk – 120 mph

The wings of gyrfalcons, the largest falcons in the world, are pointed, although not as slender or pointed as the wings of smaller falcons. Especially in females, they are recognizable by their long tail and stocky, strong body.

4. Gyrfalcon – 130 mph

The ferruginous hawk has a distinct appearance and is one of the largest hawks in the world. It has a gray head and neck, white bellies, and red upper sections.

3. Ferruginous Hawk – 150mph

The iconic golden eagle is one of North America's largest, fastest, and most agile birds of prey. These eagles have golden feathers on the backs of their heads and a dark brown body with white marks at the base of the tail.

2. Golden Eagle – 200 mph

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1. Peregrine Falcon – 242mph

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