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Top 10 Cute Rodents for Pets

Several species of tiny rodents are popular as pets. While some are social butterflies, others are far more reserved. Some are nocturnal creatures, which may not suit the routines of some humans.

Syrian hamsters have a lifespan of about three years, making them similar to their cousins the golden and teddy bear hamsters. Because of their solitary nature, they require separate quarters. 

#1 Syrian Hamster

Some species of dwarf hamsters are sociable and do well when kept in same-sex couples or small groups. They have a maximum lifespan of three years.

#2 Dwarf Hamster

Chinese hamsters aren't as tiny as true dwarf hamsters, but they're nonetheless rather compact. They're not as common as other hamster species as household pets. Some people may find it difficult to manage them due to their size and speed.

#3 Chinese Hamster

Gerbils are pleased in the company of a companion of the same sex or a small group of their own kind. Getting them when they're young makes bonding much simpler. Gerbils can be trained to be very docile pets.

#4 Mongolian Gerbil

Mice are naturally swift and wary, but with consistent handling, they can become friendly companions. It's common for many to get used to eating out of someone else's hand. They typically only have a lifespan of a few years.

#5 Fancy Mouse

Two to four years is a typical lifespan for a rat. They thrive in groups, therefore it's better to keep them in pairs of the same gender. They can be trained to become quite docile and friendly with humans.

#6 Common Rat

Five to seven years is a typical lifespan for a guinea pig. Even when stressed, they rarely bite and are simple to manage overall. They thrive in the company of their own kind due to their gregarious nature.

#7 Guinea Pig

Chinchillas, which resemble rabbits in appearance, are lively and entertaining rodents. They are mostly active at night and seek solitude during the day. They dislike being held since they would rather be free to go.

#8 Chinchilla

The African dormouse is a little rodent with a squirrel-like appearance and a lot of personality. However, due to their nimble nature, they require a particularly safe habitat.

#9 African Dormouse

Degus are highly sociable animals that can be found in groups of up to a hundred in the wild in their native Chile. They do well in captivity when kept in groups of two or three of the same sex.

#10 Common Degu

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