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Top 10 Cat Cafes in the U.S.

Cat cafes aren't just for humans to enjoy. It's perfectly fine to visit without the intention of adopting a new pet, but the ultimate goal of cat cafes is to find homes for the many stray cats in need.

Anyone who hasn't visited a cat cafe has been missing out. Cat cafes originated in Taiwan, but cat cuddling is a worldwide pastime. The idea spread quickly in the United States, and there are now cat cafes in almost every state.

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10. Café Fat Cat

Fat Cat Cafe is another place that focuses on cats rather than coffee. There is a Keurig machine and an electric kettle for making tea, but that's about it.


The Witty Whisker has a bohemian vibe, delectable lattes, and lots of cats. Many cat cafes offer beverages as an afterthought, but The Witty Whisker's coffee is legit.

9. The Witty Whisker

The open-concept layout and use of rustic wood and bright colors are very Portland. Purrington's is a great place to kick back and relax with dozens of adoptable cats, especially since it was completely renovated in 2019.

8. Purrington's Cat Lounge

If you want cats, go to Brooklyn Cat Cafe. There are a lot of them. In terms of actual coffee or tea, this isn't much of a cafe. We'd call it a cat-cuddling lounge.

7. Brooklyn Cat Café

Pounce has two locations: Charleston, South Carolina, and Savannah, Georgia. Ashley Brooks and Annaliese Hughes, best friends who combined their minds and hearts to open Charleston's first cat cafe, run both.

6. Pounce Cat Café

Cat lovers love Meow Parlour in New York City for a variety of reasons. Most cat cafes only offer appointments lasting about an hour, but not Meow Parlour.

5. Meow Parlor

The concept behind Denver Cat Company was to create the atmosphere of a cozy, eclectic coffeehouse, complete with books, comfy chairs, and a warm environment that calms the nerves of both cats and humans.

4. Denver Cat Company

One of the most common complaints about cat cafes is that the coffee isn't particularly good. The difficulty is that making in-house food and drinks requires a cafe to adhere to stringent health regulations, so it is usually premade and reheated.

3. Seattle Meowtropolitan

Cat Town is one of America's coolest cat cafes because they take rescue to the next level. Cat Town is a registered nonprofit that collaborates with Oakland's shelter to find loving foster homes and forever families for homeless cats.

2. Cat Town

KitTea does an outstanding job of making a genuine difference. Their team believes that all cats, even those who haven't been socialized, are adoptable. People who appear to be the least lovable, like cats, often require the most love.

1. KitTea Cat Café

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