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Top 10 British Cat Breeds

Both common and unusual feline breeds can trace their ancestry back to England. There is a vast range of diversity in appearance and personality among the several British cat breeds. Here are 10 cat breeds that hail from England.

The British shorthair is the most popular type of cat in the United Kingdom. While these cats and the American shorthair share a common ancestor, each breed developed its own unique features afterward.

#1 British Shorthair

The British longhair sports a luxurious fluffy coat and a similar face to its shorthair cousin. The longhair is descended from a cross between a British shorthair and a long-haired breed of cat, most notably the Persian.

#2 British Longhair

The Devon Rex is a lovable British breed known for its large ears, compact build, and curly short hair. The Devon Rex is one of several British cat breeds that can't be traced back to a single breeding program.

#3 Devon Rex

Cornish Rex cats have a playful disposition and interact with people and other animals in a way that is reminiscent of dogs. This breed, like the Devon Rex, originated from an accidental change in the DNA.

#4 Cornish Rex

Despite what their name might imply, Orientals are a British import that was developed as a rival to the Siamese in China. Foreign shorthairs, or Orientals, are extremely similar to Siamese but come in a larger variety of coat colors.

#5 Oriental

One of the earliest cat breeds developed by humans, the Chinchilla originated in England. Despite sharing a name with a rodent, this feline species is truly royal. They're typically outgoing and affectionate.

#6 Chinchilla

The Burmilla is a lively breed with a zest for life and an easy-care short coat, unlike its Chinchilla ancestors. In the 1980s, burmillas first appeared on the market and immediately became a hit.

#7 Burmilla

The Havana brown was created when Siamese and house cats were bred in England. Breeders set out to create a cat with a luxurious brown coat.

#8 Havana Brown

The forefathers of the Turkish Van are locals there, but the breed as we know it now was created in England. Breeders from the United Kingdom imported two Turkish Van kittens in the 1950s.

#9 Turkish Van

The origins of the Asian cat may be traced back to the 1980s in England. The original Burmese and Chinchilla hybrid created this breed. These felines are known for their warm personalities and extensive verbalizations.

#10 Asian Cat

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