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The asteroid Eros's effect on a person's sexuality and compatibility.

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The asteroid Eros is symbolic of a person's sexual and sensual desires, as well as their capacity to give expression to those feelings, according to astrological belief.


According to astrological thinking, the asteroid Eros is representative of a person's sexual and sensual urges, as well as their ability to give expression to those sentiments. It is also indicative of a person's capacity to give expression to such wants.

The position of Eros in a person's birth chart can provide some insight into the degree to which they are sexually compatible with other people.

Eros and Sexual Compatibility

 People who both have the planet Eros located in the same sign or house are likely to experience a powerful sexual attraction and chemistry.

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Eros and Emotional Connection

Although eros is most commonly connected with a person's physical attraction to their lover, it can also imply an emotional connection between two people.

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When the planet of love, Eros, resides in a water sign, for instance, the person may place a higher value on the emotional intimacy and connection that they experience within their sexual encounters.


A person's amount of assertiveness and ease with articulating their wants and needs can also be gleaned from their level of eros.

Eros and Assertiveness

People who have the planet Eros located in the sign of the fire element may express their sexual desires with greater assurance and candor.

A person's relationship with sensuality and pleasure can also be interpreted via the lens of eros.

Eros and Sensuality

 Those who have their Eros located in the Venus-ruled signs of Taurus or Libra may place a greater emphasis on the sensual aspects of their sexual partnerships.

Eros can also show a person's feelings about power dynamics in sexual encounters. Individuals born with Eros in the eighth house may be drawn

Eros and Power Dynamics

to dramatic and transforming sexual encounters, whereas those born with Eros in the seventh house may prioritize equality and balance in their relationships.

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