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Soups Ranked According to Your Zodiac Sign

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The following list of the zodiac signs as soups is presented in honor of this emotion and the rich history of broth, bones, bowls, and boiling. Raise the spoon, and help yourself to a heaping serving.


Tortellini pasta looks a lot like a drab top hat, and Aries governs the physical body, so the two go together. Include this blazing cardinal as well.


Carnal and gastronomic cravings are strong in Taurus. Similar to how you can "shake its hand and stroll with it before supper," as the poet Robert Crawford put it, potato soup is of this thick consistency.


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Gemini, as a mutable air sign, can bend, morph, flip, and dispute the facts as it sees fit. This group thrives on debate because they are word nerds and storytellers at heart.

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Cancer has the strongest ties to home environments, strong family bonds, and caring environments. A dish of chicken noodle soup is the most common and widespread form of "get well soon" gifting.


Andy Warhol, the apex Leo and famous artist, used the supermarket mainstay Campbell's Soup to demonstrate the attraction between lions and the limelight.


When it comes to caring for others, Virgos are just as skilled as their Cancer relatives, despite being less mentally vulnerable.


Libra, whose symbol is the scales of justice and peace, is the ruler of the seventh house, which includes marriage and all other types of relationships. We offer in return wedding soup, which, spoiler warning, may be more Spanish than Italian.


Scorpio, the elusive master of the genitalia, is symbolized by the multifaceted allure of the onion. To get to a scorpion's core requires patience, therapy/necromancy, and multiple loyalty tests.


A metaphor for the ever-changing nature of this sign's flames, stale tortillas are reborn and baptized in fryer oil in this chile-flavored soup.


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