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Sneakers to Wear Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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A reliable pair of sneakers is essential; they can be worn informally with jeans or formally with a suit or a chic sundress. And if you're ready to give up your worn-out pair for good, you've found the ideal spot to do it.


Aries prefers a more flamboyant and dramatic approach to fashion. You're someone who values first impressions highly, so you never pass up an opportunity to dress to impress.

Aries: Athletic Sneakers

In point of fact, Taurus, if you find an article of clothing or accessory that you enjoy, you will likely want to keep using it for as long as you can or purchase many versions of it.

Taurus: Leather Sneakers

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Gemini: Retro Sneakers

In fact, you enjoy surprising people by appearing in unusual attire. For this reason, you should shop for vintage sneakers at a thrift store or on your preferred reseller website.

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Cancer: Slip-On Sneakers

Wilson advises Cancers to seek out sneakers that have ample arch support and cushioning, as well as a design that is both fashionable and functional, because Cancer is a sign that loves comfort.


"Leo is a sign that values attention and admiration, so a pair of sneakers that are bold and flashy would be ideal," suggests Wilson. "Leo is a sign that values attention and admiration."

Leo: High Top Sneakers

A Virgo's attention to detail and refined palate set them apart. You aren't impressed by superficial things like designer labels. You put a lot of thought into each piece of clothing you buy.

Virgo: Cross Trainers

"Libra is a sign that values harmony and aesthetics, so they can choose sneakers that are both fashionable and practical," explains Wilson.

Libra: Velcro Sneakers

Wilson opines that a pair of sneakers with a robust and powerful style would be ideal for Scorpios because the sign places a premium on intensity and emotion.

Scorpio: Chunky Sneakers

Wilson says, "Sagittarius is a sign that values adventure and exploration, so they can opt for a pair of sneakers that are both comfortable and durable."

Sagittarius: Hiking Sneakers

Capricorns are known for their timeless, sophisticated aesthetic. You care a lot about your appearance and will go to considerable measures to maintain it.

Capricorn: Dress Sneakers

If you're an Aquarius, shoe shopping should be fun: "Aquarius is a sign that values individuality and innovation, so choose a pair of sneakers that have a unique and cutting-edge design," advises Wilson.

Aquarius: Skate Sneakers

Since you're a Pisces, your taste in clothing reflects your artistic nature. You have a soft spot for fresh color combinations, modern aesthetics, and the unexpected.

Pisces: Canvas Sneakers

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