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Simple Cat Enrichment: Common Playthings!

Cats require regular exercise in order to remain fit and healthy. It is generally recommended that a cat get 20-30 minutes of exercise per day, particularly if it is an indoor cat who will not get any exercise running around outside.

String Most of us have string or a length of wool or twine lying around the house, and this surprisingly simple item can appear to a playful cat to be heaven.

Multiple Blue Rings

Crumpled Paper

Crumpled paper is another favorite, and the variety of commercial cat toys with a similarly crumpled section demonstrates how much cats enjoy the texture and noise it creates.


Table tennis balls, balls from board games, or bouncy balls are great toys for cats. They're cheap and easy to toss, so it doesn't matter if the cat destroys them or they get lost under the TV cabinet.


Soft feathers resemble birds. If you can get your fingers out of the cat's claws in time, you can pull the feather around, or you can toss it up and let it fall.


Some cats are obsessed with paper sacks. It may even be difficult to empty the groceries without your feline companion attempting to climb into the bag from which they came.

Paper Bags

If your cat likes cardboard boxes like paper bags, you've probably experienced the heartbreak of buying an expensive cat toy only to find your pet playing in the box instead.

Cardboard Boxes

There is some disagreement about whether playing with laser cat toys is cruel. On the one hand, the majority of cats enjoy chasing the red dot around the floor.


Cats can enjoy cell phone screens beyond chasing their image. Many apps now imitate fish and other items.

Screen Objects

Again, you may want to consider rewarding your cat with a small treat when it successfully catches something; otherwise, they may become bored and irritated.

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Cat toys can be fun and affordable. You probably already have some of the items above, and what better way to reuse reusable paper and cardboard before recycling them?

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