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Signs your Partner is Jealous based on their Zodiac Sign

Jealous Aries = different personality. They are incapable of handling defeat and insecure if you put someone else before them. Acting out and showing displeasure are the signs.


Taurus are wary of love and value loyalty. When jealous, overbearing and clingy. If they feel you have interest in someone else, they'll become anxious.


Jealous Geminis mirror behavior. If you prioritize others over them, they will do the same. It will cause concerns but they will blame you for it.


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Jealousy is well-hidden by Cancers. They could come out as distant and less needy. Giving space rather than displaying indications of envy.


Leo's jealousy is obvious because they aren't shy about expressing it. They have a rapid transition from respectful to rude.


Even jealousy is hidden by Virgos. Watch for odd signs. Critical Virgos becomes withdrawn and quiet. They strive to appear strong while still feeling everything.


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In love, Libras experience manipulation. To please their lover, they act jealous. When stressed, they'll get better at keeping you from interacting with others.

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Scorpio becomes insecure when they are jealous after becoming angry. partner who is possessive and constantly questions you. Both protective and annoying.

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Jealousy is a rarity for Sagittarius. Denies insecurity before emotionally accepting it. They become rigid with time and understand there is nothing to be concerned about


Jealousy is well-hidden by Capricorns. Logical and sensible, but experiences romantic insecurities. Makes extra attempts to catch their partner's attention and seeks reassurance.


By being busy, Aquarians manage their envy, But over time, they grow quiet and distant as they consider how to go in their relationship.


When envious, Pisces won't act out; instead, they will blame themselves and leave the decision up to you. Despite their tendency to play the victim, they are adorable.