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Signs of a Toxic Relationship

Toxic relationships result in feelings of exhaustion after spending time with a lover and lack of enjoyment in spite of love.  Let's see some indicators of a toxic relationship.

Toxic Relationships are marked by conflict, lack of support, lack of trust, disregard for needs and interests, and predominance of selfishness.

1. Lack of support

Relationship is unhealthy when insults, sarcasm, and criticism are used frequently in conversations.

2. Toxic communication

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3. Envy or jealousy

Jealousy and envy are common emotions, but they turn toxic when they prevent encouragement or supportive ideas. Relationships suffer from ongoing distrust.


Judgment/lack of trust result from a need for control in relationships. Checking your location or messages frequently indicate toxicity.

4. Controlling behaviors

Carrying grudges damages intimacy and increases annoyance and resentment. Due to a lack of trust or a dangerous atmosphere, nursing complaints quietly.

5. Resentment

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6. Dishonesty

Lying frequently to avoid spending time with your partner or out of fear of their reaction implies an unhealthy connection.

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7. Patterns of disrespect

Chronic tardiness and forgetfulness indicate disrespect for time. If purposeful conduct is not resolved, communication may assist.

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8. Negative financial behaviors

Relationship toxicity may be indicated by overspending or excessive cash withdrawals that violate financial commitments.


Normal life obstacles can generate tension, but ongoing stress in a relationship, even in the absence of outside influences, indicates a problem.

9. Constant stress

Due to exhaustion or partner disapproval, self-care routines including hobbies and health might be ignored in toxic relationships.

10. Lack of self-care

You keep problems to yourself out of fear of causing conflict with your partner, which is a sign of toxicity.

11. Walking on eggshells

Toxic behaviours include holding onto a relationship out of nostalgia or expecting for change by altering who you are.

12. Hoping for change