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Pizza To Order for Your Zodiac Sign

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People have strong preferences when it comes to pizza. Whether you want a New York–style pizza, a Chicago deep dish pizza, or something a little more artisanal, the toppings you choose say a lot about who you are. 


Nothing is impossible if you apply some ingenuity and grit to the problem at hand. Your preferred pizza should, therefore, feature all the works.

Aries: Supreme Pizza

Taurus likes the finer things in life, but that doesn't mean you don't know how to enjoy a simple classic now and then. You're picky about pizza toppings, being a fixed earth sign.

Taurus: Sausage Pizza

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Gemini: Hawaiian Pizza

The exquisite flavor combination of a Hawaiian pizza celebrates your dual nature in a way that is both enjoyable and unexpected. The pizza has a little bit of sweet and a little bit of salty.

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Cancer: Classic Pepperoni Pizza

Nostalgic Cancers love nothing more than a dinner that doubles as an emotional experience. In contrast to the other zodiac signs,


Since you have a hard time playing things cool, you tend to favor extreme options when making choices. You require a pizza that is just as daring, of course.

Leo: Meat Lover's Supreme

You prefer to prepare your own healthy meals at home and rarely use takeout services. But you know you can't say no to pizza when you're craving it.

Virgo: Veggie Pizza

You are the embodiment of harmony and equilibrium, much like the scales. And since Venus is the goddess of luxury and beauty, you want a gourmet spin on your pizza. 

Libra: Spinach Artichoke Pizza

"Scorpios are known to have a fiery character, so it's only fitting that the toppings they choose reflect their fiery nature."

Scorpio: Spicy Jalapeño Pizza

Since Sagittarius is "known to be the partier of the zodiac," Stardust recommends ordering a pizza that can both help you "recover from excess" and be enjoyed by all at a party. 

Sagittarius: Margherita Pizza

They want their pizza to look and taste fancy, so they order extra toppings like mushrooms and olives.Remember the wine!

Capricorn: Mushroom and Black Olive Pizza

Because Aquarians are so individualistic, Stardust suggests serving them toppings that haven't been done a million times over.

Aquarius: Calzone

Although Pisces are recognized for their creativity, they don't enjoy eating anything too out of the ordinary. Therefore, a pizza with a variety of cheeses does not deviate from their preferences.

Pisces: Four Cheese Pizza

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