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Pets and the Lunar Cycle

Animal behavior varies with the lunar cycle. During a full moon, some pet owners have seen their pets' energy rise.


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The lunar cycle, which refers to the moon's periodic changes in appearance, has been connected to shifts in animal behavior. Some cat owners have noticed changes in their pets' behavior as the moon phases shift, such as increased energy during a full moon.


Lunar cycles may affect cat sleep.Humans' sleep patterns are impacted by the lunar cycle, so pets may be too. Some pet owners say their pets sleep better during certain moon phases, while others say they have problem sleeping during full moons.

Lunar cycles may affect cat sleep.

Certain lunar phases, according to some holistic vets, may make pets more prone to certain illnesses. The waning moon, for example, is considered to be a time when pets are more vulnerable to parasitic infections.

Lunar phases may raise pet illness risk.

When giving certain treatments to pets, holistic vets may also take the lunar cycle into account. Acupuncture and other alternative therapies, for example, may be more successful during certain phases of the moon.

The lunar cycle can affect pet remedies.

The lunar cycle is considered to be essential for pet breeding in some cultures. For example, it is thought that breeding dogs during a full moon produces bigger, stronger puppies.

Lunar cycles may affect pet mating.

Some pet owners claim that their dogs shed more during certain lunar phases, while others claim that their pets require more frequent grooming during certain lunar phases.

Pet care is affected by the lunar cycle.

The lunar cycle is thought to be significant in some pet training techniques. For example, some trainers may advise beginning certain training routines during a specific phase of the moon for best results.

Lunar cycles may affect pet care.

Some pet owners have claimed that their pets' appetites shift with the phases of the moon. For example, during a full moon, pets may be more likely to overeat, whereas during a new moon, their appetite may decline.

The moon affects pet food.

Some animal behaviorists think that the lunar cycle influences how pets communicate with one another. During a full moon, for example, canines may be more likely to bark or howl.

The moon affects pet contact.

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