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Nail Polish You Should Wear Based on Your Sign

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The use of astrology can aid with elimination. After all, the star sign you were born under reveals important insights about who you are. Keep reading to learn the perfect shade of nail paint to complement your star sign!


Aries are daring leaders who aren't hesitant to attempt something new or wear a hue that stands out. But since you're always on the move, you would do best with a timeless, yet strikingly basic design.

Aries: Ruby Red Polish

You can count on a Taurus to be dependable and loyal. Taurus like the tried and reliable, in contrast to the other signs who like to vary up their look every few months. You have an appreciation for timeless design.

Taurus: Classic French Manicure

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Gemini: Rainbow

Being a Gemini means you can easily shift gears and think on your feet. While you enjoy spoiling yourself, you sometimes have trouble making decisions and easily lose interest.

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Cancer: Opalescent Pearl

Your emotive temperament and heightened sensitivity make you prone to making decisions based on how you feel. You find comfort in routine and tradition.


Nail polish that reflects your self-assurance and sense of style is a must for the attention-grabbing Leo that you are. You will seize any opportunity to be the center of attention.

Leo: Custom Ombre

You, Virgo, are respected for your no-nonsense practicality. You never stop moving and have no patience for anyone or anything that might need you to slow down. 

Virgo: Pretty in Pink

You have probably experimented with just about every possible nail paint trend there is. As an air sign, you aren't hesitant to try new things with your appearance.

Libra: Embellished French Manicure

Although Scorpios can pull off any style, you have a particular fondness for those that evoke rock and roll. You have an inclination toward somber hues, yet you're open to experimentation.

Scorpio: Black Stiletto Nails

You prefer to keep your nails cool and glossy, with a wild little twist since you are more interested in seeing the world than in primping and preening.

Sagittarius: Tie–Dye Nails

You need a nail paint look that says "I mean business" because you're a Virgo who's always plotting and scheming to get more money. 

Capricorn: Earthy Greens

You were born to break the rules, Aquarius, so any unconventional manicure will do.No matter what you decide, Aquarius will always be unconventional.

Aquarius: Animal Print

Pisces, you're the star sign known as the dreamer. You don't put too much thought into your appearance, then. There's an endearing whimsy to the way you put things.

Pisces: Funky Florals

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