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My Cat Purrs While Sleeping—Is That Normal?

The sound of a cat purring is so soothing to humans that it is even available in some white noise applications or machines.

How and Why Cats Purr Cat purring remains a riddle. Scientists think the cat's vocal cords make noise from airflow. They don't know what in the cat's brain causes it.

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Why Cats Purr When They Sleep

Whether alert or asleep, cats purr for several reasons. Cats use it to express feelings. Most cat owners believe purring indicates pleasure and contentment.


As we've already said, cats can purr when they're sick or hurt, even when they're asleep. If this is the case, you will probably see other worrying signs

When to worry if your sleeping cat is purring

Purring by itself isn't cause for concern, but if it occurs frequently and is accompanied by other symptoms, it's time to transport your cat to the vet for an examination.

Serve Malty Pastes or Treats

If your cat has difficulty going to the restroom due to hardened stools, he will be unable to pass hairballs.

Use Stool Softeners

Regular physical exercise promotes consistent digestive flow. The more frequently your cat uses the toilet, the less likely he will become constipated and produce hairballs.

Exercise Consistently

Because eating grass can cause your cat to vomit, cats who are suffering from hairballs may be tempted to gnaw on it.

Grow Cat Grass

If you want to give your cat a hairball remedy, fish oil is a good choice, but he avoids pastes and hairball-specific recipes.

Use Fish Oil

Again, you may want to consider rewarding your cat with a small treat when it successfully catches something; otherwise, they may become bored and irritated.

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