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Movies to Watch According to Your Zodiac Sign

Having a hard time clicking with your sign? Feel like you don't belong in the relentless onslaught of Zodiac memes? Look to today's great icons of the silver screen as avatars of the zodiac to help you realize your complete potential.

Check out our cinematic rundown of the constellations to learn more about the sun, moon, rising sign, and other astrological factors that influence your life. Keep in mind that all twelve zodiac signs are represented in your horoscope.

Multiple Blue Rings

ARIES: Spirited Away

Often, Arieses are picked out, made to go through or achieve things that the general populace isn't capable of. Chihiro, a young girl, is singled out by the witch Yubaba the instant she enters the Spirit World


Sun in Taurus An unworthy human population received Sofia Coppola's opulent homage to fashion, sweets, and art. Kirsten Dunst, Judy Davis, and Jamie Dornan head an ensemble of bulls.

TAURUS: Marie Antoinette

Julio (Gael Garca Bernal) and Tenoch (Diego Luna) are a pair of adolescents who are engaged in a ballet of unity, conflict, lust, and dissolution. They may be the greatest evocation of the twins in the history of cinema.

GEMINI: Y Tu Mamá También

Cancer's need to line his pockets stems not from tired patriarchal capitalism but rather from more basic human needs to take care of his loved ones and his community. Stoney, Cleo, Frankie, and Tisean, the female bank thieves of Set It Off.

CANCER: Set It Off

Leo is to recognize the divine gifts we've been given, go after them no matter the expense. In Flashdance, we tag along with a band of aspiring performers who make their living at a seedy Pittsburgh cabaret club.

LEO: Flashdance

Is there really no other option? In the character of England's great Virgo monarch, Cate Blanchett fumes and roars as she fights for her independence while defending her right to rule. Discretion is Virgo's highest priority.

VIRGO: Elizabeth

The children of Venus know that success and happiness aren't given away for free, despite Libra's glimmering aspirations to the contrary. Love is a game, society is an order, and physical attractiveness is a potent weapon.

LIBRA: The Talented Mr. Ripley

Demi Moore plays a character who suffers the loss of her soulmate Patrick Swayze in the movie Ghost. She is forced to receive Whoopi Goldberg's assistance, another Scorpio, in order to communicate with Swayze after he has passed away.


The Sagittarius personality is one of optimism, reckless abandon, and intrepid exploration. When Frances, after settling into her villa, continues to brood over her broken existence,

SAGITTARIUS: Under the Tuscan Sun

Capricorn Timothée Chalamet's character, at the beginning of the story, is a timid aristocrat who is reluctant to assume his father's mantle. The young nobleman is about to embark on a desert adventure when he is ambushed, betrayed, and forced to face some harsh realities.


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