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Most Likely Zodiac Sign to Stand You Up

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It seems that some signals don't mind being left behind. Read on to learn which signs of the zodiac tend to be the most unreliable, from the mildly erratic to the spectacularly unreliable.


Everyone feels nervous before their first date, and everyone makes plans that they later wish they hadn't made when the actual date arrives. The tricky part is figuring out how to manage these precarious situations.

Others, on the other hand, always have an excuse available and have no problem bailing out at the last minute, while still others have the ability to buck up and face things head on.

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The Aquarius sign follows its own set of unwritten guidelines, and its members refuse to fit themselves into any predetermined shape. They are defiant and full of independent energy.

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This makes it more likely that they will abandon others without providing an explanation, whether it be by not showing up to plans or "ghosting" after a few meetings have been completed.


Cancers are extremely sensitive, and as a result, they may have difficulty setting personal boundaries for themselves at times. influenced by the Moon, which is accountable for mood swings and instability of behavior.


Their element, water, is symbolic of the depth of feeling and sensitivity that they possess, and when a Cancer is feeling overwhelmed by their emotions, they will close up and retreat into their shell.

Signs of the Sagittarius zodiac enjoy meeting new people and trying new experiences. It's possible that they don't show up for appointments because they feel the need to always be busy with something.


They are also a fire sign, which means they are prone to making hasty choices without giving much thought to the outcomes or the perspectives of others.

The sign of Taurus is known for their dependability and almost never cancels on someone they've promised to meet. On the other hand, Venus, the planet that rules over them.


According to Clare, this can sometimes lead them to prioritize their own desires over their responsibilities, which is especially problematic when it comes to activities that they do not find particularly enjoyable. 

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