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Most Dangerous Zodiac Signs, Ranked

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A widely circulated internet report claiming that the FBI classified and ranked criminals based on their astrological sign has been debunked. But I'm here to fill the void left by the suits.


Cancer energy is associated with compassion, intuition, and taking care of others. When it is at its darkest, it is emotionally manipulative and delusory when it comes to self-reflection.


Libras believe they are entitled to the finer things in life and have little motivation to work for them. Known for her prodigious charm and lack of work ethic


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Cardinal Fire symbol Aries desires to be the first and to be noticed. Enter Aries, a mobster, and alleged assassin "Crazy Joe" Gallo. The guy was allergic to maintaining a low profile.

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Vanity is a favorite sin of Leos, and many of them will go to great lengths to maintain their appearance. Perhaps no living lion has displayed more arrogance than Countess Elizabeth Báthory.


Capricorns are known to be tenacious and strategic players who refuse to settle for second place, even (or particularly) in the realm of criminal credibility. 


Jupiter, the jovial, alcoholic-uncle planet, and the archer, the sign's symbol, combine to make Sagittarius a sign of growth, hope, and good fortune. 


Paranoia, toxic sexuality, obsession, controlling behavior, and the ruthless pursuit of power are all shadow sides of the Scorpio personality, which is governed by Pluto, the "death-daddy" planet.


The planet Uranus represents change and independence, making Aquarians the pioneers of the zodiac. Take Griselda Blanco, the Aquarius "Queen of Cocaine," who broke ground in the historically male-dominated field of drug dealing.


When it comes to hazardous zodiac signs, Virgo is the clear winner. They have the lowest likelihood of being apprehended either during or after a criminal deed, in my opinion.


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