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Jewelry to Wear Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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One approach to limit down your options when it comes to updating your accessory collection is to look to the stars for guidance. In this article, astrologers will share advice on what kind of jewelry each zodiac sign should wear.


You, Aries, are one of the zodiac's most ambitious signs because you are feisty, fiery, and full of energy. Since Mars is your ruling planet, you can do everything you set your mind to.

Aries: Fashionable Fitness Tracker

Since the neck and throat are ruled by Taurus, a delicate crystal necklace will be the perfect way to draw attention to this area.

Taurus: Dainty Crystal Necklace

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Gemini: Vintage Brooch

Among the zodiac signs, Geminis are the most outgoing and spontaneous. You're the type of person that, as long as they're having a good time and being themselves, loves to make an entry that will be remembered.

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Cancer: Mood Ring

Cancer, you're a sentimental sucker. You have a strong emotional intelligence because the Moon rules your sign. The Moon governs our emotions and our instincts.


You, who are governed by the sun, the planet of vigor and youth, have an outgoing personality and could benefit from a piece of jewelry that reflects it.

Leo: Statement Necklace

Virgos are known for their attention to detail, and this trait extends to their personal style. You've perfected the art of the capsule wardrobe and practically live in its fundamentals.

Virgo: Classic Pearls

As the sign controlled by Venus, those born under this zodiac place a premium on appearance. You should definitely wear jewelry that reflects your refined taste.

Libra: Antique Locket Necklace

It might be challenging to read a Scorpio because they can swing from being secretive and dark to being warm and friendly. You're not one to try out new styles; instead, you value self-expression.

Scorpio: Body Piercings

You, Sagittarius, are a sign that loves to have a good time and make a statement. However, as a restless sign, you avoid jewelry that could perhaps impede your active pastimes.

Sagittarius: Waist Beads

You always put forth an effort in your attire, be it for a formal dinner or a day at the office. However, most Capricorns don't have the patience for a jewelry box's extra steps.

Capricorn: Classic Chain Necklace

You, Aries, are the free spirit of the zodiac, and you thrive on the thrill of the unexpected. You like to accessorize with bright pieces that either reflect your lively character or tell a tale from your travels.

Aquarius: Charming Anklet

You have a deep appreciation for connecting with your inner artist and spirituality, and you know the worth of acting in accordance with your beliefs.

Pisces: Recycled Ocean Plastic Bracelet

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