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Is Sugar Bad for Dogs?

Is it safe to give pets caramel apples? Caramel is not inherently poisonous to canines, but it is made with raw sugar, which should not be fed to a dog.

Raw Sugar

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Sugar causes weight, tooth decay, and other health problems in dogs. Having fewer options than people for reversing a negative health trend. Everything you need to know about feeding your canine raw sugar treats.

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Is it Safe for Dogs

The apple's beneficial health effects are cancelled out by the consumption of sugar and butter. Apples are great for your dog's teeth and breath if they aren't covered in sugar, but the reverse is true.


Despite their nutritional value, apples should be consumed in moderation due to their high sugar level. And that's without even a layer of caramel's natural sweetness!

Dogs who eat caramel or caramel apples are not in imminent danger of toxicity. However, frequent consumption of sugary foods has serious consequences for the health of canines in the long run.


Keep a careful eye on your dog if it gains access to your apple supply or a pile of fallen apples. As mentioned, apple seeds contain cyanide.

Make some homemade apple dog treats instead of giving your canine commercial apple foods full of sugar. Dog owners can find a wide variety of tasty dishes online.

Homemade Dog Treats

Frozen apple chunks mixed with sugar- and xylitol-free yogurt in a popsicle tray create a tasty treat for dogs.

Apple Frozen Yogurt Doggy Pops

To liven up your dog's dish, try blending apples with other fruits that are appropriate for DogTime, such as strawberries or bananas.

Apple Doggy Smoothie

You could also fill your dog's beloved KONG toy with the frozen smoothie. On a warm summer day, your canine will love this activity.

Frozen Stuffed Apple KONG

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