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Is My Cat happy? What to Look For

What could be more soothing than the sound of a cat purring? We all want our cats to be joyful, and purring is a great way to show it.

Is Your Cat Healthy? Vet visits can keep your cat healthy and happy. Unwell people are cranky. Same for cats. Discomfort also effects their mental health.

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A Good Appetite

Kitties who eat well are content kitties. Your cat will express his or her desire for food by rubbing against your legs and meowing at you until you bring them their food dish.


Purring is the most common method cats express their happiness, comfort, and love. Holding a purring cat is profoundly relaxing for us, and some believe it has curative properties. 

Lots of Purring

Playing shows cat-isfaction. When given a favorite (or new) toy, older cats should show interest. Happy cats want to play.

Your Cat Enjoys Playing

An anxious, stressed, or fearful cat is not typical of a calm one. The way a cat sits or lays down reveals a lot about its mental state.

Is Your Cat Relaxed?

Cats who are happy speak a lot. While we all know that cats meow, they produce a variety of noises to communicate with us, whether it's to ask for food, comfort, or to go outside.

Vocalizing & Chirping

Marking their area with a good ol' fashioned chin rub. When your cat rubs against you, it's showing that it considers you to be its property and wants to keep it that way.

Rubbing & Head Butting

Cats use their limbs to communicate. A cat who cheerfully welcomes you when you first wake up or when you return home from work is expressing how happy it is to see you.

Is Your Cat Happy to See You?

Cats knead things or humans to relive kitten behavior. Nursing kittens knead their mothers to produce oxytocin, which relaxes them and facilitates milk flow.

Does Your Cat Knead Or “Make Biscuits”?

Is your cat drawn to the window to observe birds? Or go to the front entrance when the doorbell rings? You can presume your cat is happy if it is active in its surroundings, exploring and showing interest in new things.

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