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Instagram's Most-Followed Dog Breeds

Instagram dog pictures. You could argue that this need was the impetus for developing the first social media program. You may be wondering, "Which dog breeds do Instagram users love the most?"

Instagram's Dog

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Our Fit Pets did a study to find the answer to this question by analyzing the hashtags of 568 million Instagram posts. The majority of the top 10 were purebred canines.

Multiple Blue Rings

French Bulldog

The French Bulldog was voted America's favorite canine in 2023, so this is hardly shocking news. (via CNBC). Dress them in adorable jammies and watch the likes roll in.


The Golden Retriever is up for any experience you have in mind; it is friendly, loyal, and willing to do just about anything for the family.

Golden Retriever

Even though Chihuahuas are the smallest canine on this list, they provide the best possible protection as a watchdog. Their small stature belies their fierce nature.


The canine equivalent of a stand-up comic? Possibly. This canine is the definition of a free-speech hound. The Pug maintains an Instagram-worthy level of goofiness, playfulness, and amazing sense of humor.


You won't see any Bulldogs being used to drive livestock to market on Instagram any time soon. This species is one you'll most likely find dozing on the sofa or romping with your kiddos.


The Poodle is the most likely breed of canine to request a walk on the red carpet. The Poodle, in any of its sizes, has a stately air that is picture-perfect.


One Who Is Almost Certain To Be Donning a Cute Sweater." And maybe some shades and a hair bow. The Pomeranian is the small pet with the large character, who seems to be aware of their own cuteness.


Dachshunds, also known as "Weiner Dogs," are energetic and intelligent. Even if they're too stubborn to cooperate when you're trying to aim the camera, the results are magical when they do.


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